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Thank you for your submission!

Please read through the guidelines and booking process


Terms & Conditions


Standard Guidelines

  • Clients must have a CLEAN kitchen and living space for the chef to work in and prepare meals. If the working conditions aren’t suitable then the chef has the right to decline services. (i.e. insects, smell, non-functional appliances, etc.) 

  • Before putting the contract together, the Chef must see a photo/video or tour the space they will be given to work in.

  • All bookings will operate within a contract.

  • NO PETS are allowed in the cooking space of the caterer. If the client does NOT remove his/her pet from the space after being warned then they will be charge a $50 pet inconvenience fee

  • The Caterer and his team will work at their discretion without being watched/monitored

  • The Caterer and his team will cook for the number of guest given by the client in the early stages of the booking. If 40 guests arrive to the event and you only booked for 20 guests then we will cook for those 20 guests, not 40. 

  • Bookings are NOT confirmed until the client has paid 50% of the initial grocery deposit (NON-REFUNDABLE)

  • If multiple clients are inquiring about same date, then the client who inquired first will have 48 hours to confirm the booking. If the Chef does NOT hear back after multiple contact attempts, then the next client will have an opportunity to secure that date.

  • Prices START OUT based off party size (Please refer to the catering packages for the start out prices) The price will increase due to grocery expense.

  • Clients who change the location 24 hours before event will be charged an inconvenience fee of $50.

  • Catering inquires must be submitted 2 weeks or more in advance.

  • If at any time the Chef terminates a booking due to personal unforeseen circumstances, the client will be refunded all money paid.

  • Changes to the menu and party size must be done 5 days prior to the scheduled event.

  • Grocery expense is due 5 days prior to the scheduled event. Labor cost is due after the event has concluded.

  • Events within driving distance will require a travel fee based on the total number of miles. (Ex. Virginia Beach, VA to Richmond, VA totals 106 miles there and back. The client will pay $212 in travel expense) 

Out of State Guidelines

  • Catering package + groceries + flight + hotel + transportation (If applicable) = Total Expense

  • Clients are required to pay for hotel and round-trip flight expenses for out of state bookings.

  • Clients can choose to chauffeur the chef around to/from the airport, hotel, grocery store, and event location or pay the expense for Lyft or Uber.


Booking Process


  • Step 1: Choose your package on the “Catering Packages & Services” tab

  • Step 2: Fill out the catering pre-form.

  • Step 3: You will be contacted within 72 hours with a confirmation or denial email.

  • Step 4: After confirmation of the requested date, you will be sent a catering form to complete.

  • Step 5: After the Chef reviews the form, you will be emailed a price quote.

  • Step 6: After confirming, denying or making changes to the quote, the client will be sent a contract to review and sign.

  • Step 7: After signing the contract, the client will be sent an invoice. The client will be able to pay the deposit and expenses directly using the invoice.

  • Step 8: The booking process is complete. The Caterer will be in contact with the client a 3 days before the scheduled event.

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